02 Jan

Hyrule Light World Project Progress

Oh, hey! Welcome to 2016! (I just typed 2015! Yikes!)

One of my goals for this bright and shiny new year is to blog more often, especially about my cross-stitch projects. They take up enough of my time to merit a mention here and there! I mostly like to stitch these little cityscapes from Satsuma Street on Etsy, but am currently tackling a bigger project.

I thought it would be funny to print off a cross-stitch pattern for Fernando on our first wedding anniversary, as paper is apparently the ‘traditional’ gift for a first anniversary (who made that up?!). He loves the video game Legend of Zelda, so I found this ginormous Hyrule Light World map used in the game.

Hyrule Light World map

It’s a good thing that he loves it, because the pattern is TWELVE PAGES!!!!!!!!!!! TWELVE!!!! What was I thinking?!?!?!

I gave it to him a little over a year ago, and finished a small section. Then, I stained the fabric in a horrible way and decided to start over with new fabric just in case. I restarted the same small section and promptly threw the project into my I Don’t Want to Deal with This bin for about eight months. I recently pulled it out to work on when meeting friends at the coffee shop for a crafternoon, and started to seriously chip away, and I’ve finished the first page!! Awwwwww, yeah!!! Only eleven more to go. Sigh.

Progress shot #1- Christmas Day

Progress shot #1- Christmas Day. I should have taken a progress shot sooner to show where I left off eight months ago. Only the gray section and dark green at the top were previously completed.

Big picture- see how much is left?

Big picture- see how much is left?

Progress shot #2- New Year's Day

Progress shot #2- New Year’s Day

Hopefully next month I’ll have even more progress to show off!

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