30 By 30

Holly’s 30 By 30

All the cool kids are doing it, so I will, too! The list itself is still in progress, but as I come up with ideas and/or complete them, I’ll update the list! Some things are fun, some are things I want to get in order as I get more “adult-y,” and others are just things that I want to do, just because!

  1. Read Pride & Prejudice (completed, but I don’t remember when. Oops!)
  2. Read Jane Eyre (completed February 2014)
  3. Learn to tie a French knot (an embroidery knot that I just cannot figure out no matter how hard I try!) (completed 12/14/13)
  4. Watch the Star Wars trilogy (my boss almost disowned me when he realized I haven’t seen the movies) (completed April 2014)
  5. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  6. Visit New Zealand This one is put on hold due to changing travel plans. Instead, I plan to re-visit the UK, a little later than my birthday!
  7. Fill up my current passport and get a new one (completed March 2015)
  8. Complete my Get Your Sh*t Together checklist (GYST is a website dedicated to helping people prepare important documentation [like a will] to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster. It’s certainly not something I want to have to think about, but it’s a step in the right direction toward “adulthood.”)
  9. Finish knitting my Ravenclaw scarf (completed July 2014)
  10. Eat at Pizzeria Lola and/or Pizza Luce (completed October 2014)
  11. Get another tattoo (completed May 2015)
  12. Take a Facebook hiatus for at least one month (inspired mostly by this post, completed 1/22/14 and again March/April 2015)
  13. Go to at least two breweries in the Twin Cities (completed October 2014: Dangerous Man, Indeed, 612Brew, Rock Bottom, Great Waters. April 2015: Bang, Urban Growler, Tin Whiskers, Bent Brewstillery, Wabasha, Burning Brothers, Flat Earth.)
  14. Make peanut butter ice cream (completed December 2014)
  15. Go to Canada (completed June and August 2014)
  16. Learn to brew loose-leaf tea (I chicken out even though I have a tea ball- I’m too scared to try it!)
  17. Attend a concert (One Direction: July 2015; Legend of Zelda Symphony: October 2015) 
  18. Make at least ten recipes from America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country (completed)
  19. Go to the dentist (despite opting-in for dental insurance two years ago, I haven’t gone. Oops) (completed September 2014)
  20. Eat at Mac’s Fish & Chips (completed many times over!)
  21. Eat at Mickey’s Diner (completed 12/27/13)
  22. Get in shape so that the clothes I own now fit again (I realize this one is a bit vague, but I don’t want this blog to become a weight loss blog and I also don’t care about the number on the scale- I just want my clothes to fit!)
  23. Listen to at least one audiobook (completed July 2015)
  24. Go to Chicago again (completed!)
  25. Complete a Minimalist Game month (completed August 2014)
  26. Go to Duluth (completed October 2014)
  27. Try a new craft- rock cacti (completed October 2014)
  28. Watch all episodes of LOST (completed May 2015)
  29. Read at least two books from the Outlander series (done! I even read three!)
  30. Watch at least one episode of Sherlock (have now seen all of the released episodes!)

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